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Another Gift

My loved ones:

When I think of all you, it is impossible not to think that even though we are not really a very large family in members, they are most beloved circle. And when that circle is reduced, I realize that in the future, my offspring would only depend on one member…my only son. I have only one sister, my dear mother and my lovely husband. I recognize that I do not have savings or emergency fund. I pay the debts and I don’t have a enough money at the end of the month. Then reality is shown as a wall with no chance of crossing; I’m in my forty- and ask me: What would happen if it was my turn to leave unexpectedly, or within, 10 or 20 years? It doesn't matter when or how. What brings me to this introspection analysis is what will happen immediately after that event. Obviously, the easiest thing will be to think, "What does it matter if I'm not going to see anything..." I really couldn't be more selfish with that thought. I won’t know, but I just found out that it's important to prepare for that moment and prevent what could happen. Not for me, but for you… my dear son, for you… my dear husband. It is for this reason that I make the decision to gift something very special to them. My gift is not an idealistic one, do not be confused, it is a realistic one.

I'm going to give you the peace of mind that when I leave this world, you don't have to deal with anything but the grief you'll surely feel for my departure. To you my loves, I will leave you a gift of love and peace. I've decided to get Final Expense Insurance.

FUNERAL EXPENSES??? Since the word funeral is a little difficult to dilute at first, nothing further from reality than every living being touches us. Truly, I have witnessed how painful it is to lose a loved one. You must deal with the harsh reality of not having enough money to cover the high costs of a funeral service, no matter how simple. It is a process that should go through with very quickly and with the knowledge that the economic part of the grieving process, is not an unresolved matter. My only child won't have to worry, he won't have to borrow, he won't have to make sales or borrow money. That's my last love present for him. It's my greatest demonstration of affection...MAMA THINKS IN YOU UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

If I invest in most insurance: life, cancer, house, car, why I don't invest in an insurance that don't leave financial burdens to others. The opportunity to obtain that funeral expense insurance is very simple and practical. I did not have to fill out long forms, I did not have medical tests and most importantly, the monthly payment is very comfortable, it is more economical than what I usually invest in my hair every month, and obviously, the pretty or ugly of my hairstyle is not more important than the tranquility of my family. My final expense insurance even gives me the opportunity to accumulate dividends that could cover other associated expenses or simply become an extended gift.

Making this decision fills me with satisfaction, it's right and wise. I have peace and gift peace. Of course, it is my wish that this gift will not be redeemable for a long time, but all of you deserves to know that everything will be fine.

I urge those who read my lines to think of giving this kind of gift, for you or for someone else. There are already many who have understood the desire of my heart and have also made the decision to give Unconditional Love, for when they are gone.

With all my love...


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